2 comments on “CAR: A religious conflict after all and EU intervention

  1. hello,
    I’m doing a research about CAR for a course in the University, and I’m so shocked for the lack of news info. in this topic, its as if CNN and BBC doesn’t believe there is any conflict their.
    I have a question, and i hope you answer me, after the Seleka gained the power over the capital, why did their leader Michel which became the president announced the dissolution of the Seleka? and did they turn against him before this or after it ?
    Thanks a lot and I appreciate your time

    • Sorry for my late reply. When Seleka captured the capital and the president of CAR stepped down, theý achieved their initial objectives. So Seleka could be dissolved. The fact he said that, doesn’t mean it happened. One of the reasons being the anti-Balaka militias which were out for revenge. Seleka and non-Seleka muslims had to defend themselves and the conflict escalated even further.
      There was no real “turning against”, Michel stepped down and gave way to an elected president while the fighting continued. Does this answer your questions? Good luck on your course!

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